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 Title:Love Vu Rating: M For swearing and Violence. Summary:…

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 Title:Love Vu
Rating: M For swearing and Violence.
Summary: What happens after the Happily Ever After?  Sometimes the actions of the past can haunt the future.  


Superintendent Nelson,


Another school year will start soon here at Pandora Academy. This year promises to be more exciting then usual, most of the progeny of the Cyprus Grove Gang are attending. Given the Complications that their parents, interwoven pasts gives them, it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. Maybe this time History won't repeat it self.


With Respect,

Principal Hearst


There it was Pandora Academy. Val gasped at it, her eyes taking in all of the splendor. It was hard to believe that she would really be spending the next four years of her life here, in this lovely place. It had tall granite walls that stretched up for several stories, trees dotted the landscape forming little nooks just perfect to hide away in.

Val felt a smile tugging at her lips. This would be interesting in more than one way, she though to her self. Spying a tall stable tree she dashed over and started to climb it. It wasn't that hard to get up in the branches. Form here she had a view of the entire front lawn, other students preparing to go into the school, mingling and talking. Already some where trying out the eternal dynamics of high school. She tilted her head back gazing up into the green leaves of the trees, admiring how the light filtered though them becoming diffuse.

Only to nearly fall out of the tree, “What light though yonder window breaks, it is Juliet and she is the sun.” Came the voice that had startled her. She glanced down, there kneeling rather melodramatically, one hand at his heart another pointing up toward her.

“What are you doing?”

“Praising your beauty as it deserves. Don't like Shakespeare? How about Bryon or Mallory?“

“Is that so Romeo?”

“Though I do like being compared to one of the most famous romantic character, I have to admit my name is simply Casey.”

“Well, simply Casey. I'm Val.” She gestured to him to move out of the way, so she could jump down.

Once she was done she asked, “Did you parents go here too?”

“Well, my dad did. He was quite popular, at least according to him.”

“Huh, may be our parents met?”

'They probably did, despite how it looks the Academy not really that large a school. By the way who are your parents?”

Val found him to be actually tolerable company once he dropped the rather flowery flirting. So, she awnsered his question. “My dad's Darren Sharpe,”

She was cut off before she could finish, “No shit?” Casey eyes widened and his jaw went briefly lack before he pulled himself together. “You dad's like, Famous!”

“What?” My Dad? Famous? “This is the first time I've heard of that.”

“Yeah,” Casey leaned back against the tree trunk, “Your dad was the big man on campus, when our parents where here. I grew up hearing stories about your dad, and the rest of the CGG.”

“The CGG?”

“What your dad's group was called, the Cyprus Grove Group or something along those lines. I'm surprised that you don't know about all this already?”

Val shuffled a bit. “Dad doesn't like to talk about the past.”

“Well, then the coming days should be quite an ride.” Casey said sounding way to happy.

She was about to reply when there was an explosion from somewhere behind them. They turned and ran towards where they could see the smoke drifting up.

As they neared Ground Zero, Val felt a odd sensation, begin to creep over her skin. She glanced at Casey to see if he felt it too. If he did there was no sign. Soon they could see a crater in the ground. Dust chocked the air.

“Right on Schedule.” A voice stated, cruel amusement lacing its self though itself.

Val felt her eyes widen as she saw that there was someone standing in front of the crater. At first he seemed like a normal guy or he would have had he not been generation more of the odd sensations that she had picked up on.

“First day of school. The freshmen are all in, the elder students have not arrived yet and so,” He smiled. Val felt a shock go though her body, and faintly she heard Casey gasp. The man's teeth were like that of a sharks.

“That makes you easy prey.”

* * *