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my first story. If i get the cut wrong, I'll try to fix it.…

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my first story. If i get the cut wrong, I'll try to fix it.

The wind blew with a fierce wail as it screamed over the hard ground. Small tuffs of grass, sprouted from the gray soil. A sign of life shining out, from amid the stark desolation. The massive scar, stretched for miles from around the center point of the city once called Lawrence. A hill that had once been a mountain stood in the midst of it. A figure stood up against the rocks of the hill. It slowly scanned the ground, looking for signs that it had been found. There was no sign that anyone was coming in their direction.
Mara pulled down the scopes and scowled at the air. It seemed to her that it was suspicious that there was absolutely no sign of pursuit. Not one sign. What the hell could they be planning? They had to be planning something. They weren’t even being subtle about it.
“Hey, Lt.” Mara jumped and swore. Whirling around quickly to face her sergeant, Elijah who had a large smartass grin on his face. “Any sign of them?” Elijah was a tall man, Mara noted absently for possible a thousandth time, or at least comparing his 5’7 height to her 5’1, he was.
“No, and no signs of the Dragonflies either.” Mara stated, feeling a sense of unease, filling her. She looked at Elijah, suspiciously, “What are you doing here? I though that you would be staying with the men.”
Elijah shrugged. “I was wondering where you had gone.” And what you’re up to he added to himself.
“Uh huh,” Mara turned back towards the camp and said bitingly, “ If you wonder where I’m going now, it’s back to the camp. That’s where I can’t get into trouble right?”
Elijah waited until she was out of sight before rolling his eyes at her paranoia and following her back down the path.
As she walked into the camp she was greeted by the sights of her company preparing for being lifted out of there by the Dragonflies. Equipment was being put away into the makeshift crates to be lifted out.
Mara greeted her men, smiling at those she knew personally and nodding at those she didn’t. Suddenly shrieks of pain tore the air. We’re being ambushed! Mara thought. Bullets hit the ground in a spray of dirt, as soldiers came over the rise opposite from where they had been expecting an attack. Everything seemed to slow down. The battle was bloody and wild. It seemed as if an eternity had passed before a familiar and comforting hum filled the air and made the enemy retreat enough that they got out from the way of the Dragonflies as they swept in and formed a shield between the two opposing militia. Mara and her soldiers sprang on the Dragonflies despite the hail of bullets they could hear pounding against the sides of the aircraft.
Mara leaned against the comfortingly cool metal of the Dragonfly and finally allowed her self to relax. Most of her people had gotten away. And Mara looked at the small cylinder, that she pulled out of her pocket, they had gotten what they came for.
The base was brightly lit despite the fact that it was some 50 stories underground. The base personal bustled in the halls like a living breathing thing, but here it seemed dead. Mara shifted in her seat in one of the conference room as she waited to be debriefed on what had happened, during her last mission. The were taking their sweet time getting there, Mara thought angrily. She hated mind games, really hated them. That’s when the general’s walked in and the interrogation began.
Mara stalked out of the conference room in a fury. They had done everything but accuse her of setting up the ambush her self. All because of the information that had gotten some of her men killed was next to useless. And she had no doubts about what was in the wings for her.
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