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Lilian · Thorns

Other Orignial Stories

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 Title:Love Vu
Rating: M For swearing and Violence.
Summary: What happens after the Happily Ever After?  Sometimes the actions of the past can haunt the future.  

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Alright, I've started to work on a new story line and i need help in Picking the names, so any body just chime in if you have an idea both boy and girl names are welcome.
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Here's a poem to celebrate the new years.

New Years
A ball flowing down
counts down the

People gather in
the square
Fire blooms in the

As the weather
turns cold
Time begins again
In the new year.


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This is one of my older poems witten back when I was getting into the Swing of things. Reviews would be appreicated.
Title: Stars in the Sky
Rating: G
Distribution: if your going to borrow it let me know, and you had better give me credit. Can be found on Fictionpress.net
Star's in the Sky

Love nor Hatred
Can touch the Stars,
Can move them.
Over time and distance
They are the same,
Ever hoping, ever wondering
Never touchable,
Alway's desireable.

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Ok. I know i have't posted in a while but I've been busy. Here's the poem that the name of the community comes from.

Lillian Thorns

Down past roses, past hope,
A land torn by greed
In a flash of light
A thousand worlds died.

What was died and
Time turned back
To a world long
And yet Lived

Down past the
Shattered mountains
Past the dead eyes
Hollowly echoing
With the sound of the wind.

Past the fields of Gold
Tarnished and broken
Into the valley
of water.
Changed and warped
Between Mountains
Of Ice and Hate.

There among the
Brambles wild

A lily in thorns.

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Welcome to Lillan Thorns and other orignial stories. All the stories that you'll read on this site have been written by me. You can consider your self's my beta readers. If you read my stories please leave a comment and advice.
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